Sourcing and Procurement

Expand Your Procurement Planning Capabilities

With River Logic

Evaluate and quantify business and financial impact of supplier bids and supplier rationalization exercises

Optimize make versus buy decisions for components and raw materials, including order allocation to different suppliers

Conduct what-if scenario analyses on supplier risk, including major disruptions, delays, emissions and worker practices to develop robust risk-mitigation plans

Identify Supplier Managed Inventory opportunities and their impact on financial performance

Allow suppliers to collaboratively input planning data and perform what-if analysis

A Step-by-Step Guide

to Driving Business Impact with Capacity Panning

Explore the Value Add

Of Adopting River Logic

A holistic model of the value chain identifies the true business and financial impact of every scenario – delivering actionable plans

Establish explicit objectives around performance and risk and leverage mathematical optimization to find the best plan for every scenario

Enable business users to conduct scenarios from multiple angles, and to collaborate across functions