We are Optimization-based Prescriptive Analytics.

Uncover millions

In just a few clicks, discover breakthrough insights proven to be worth millions

Manage tradeoffs

Gain deep organizational knowledge as you begin to better manage trade offs among conflicting goals

Empower leaders

Empower decisions makers and leaders to utilize prescriptive analytics without relying on Data Scientists

Optimize with agility

Remain agile and be confident you’re producing optimal, feasible plans as the world around your business changes

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

Our Solutions are Used Globally
Across Dozens of Industries

Our optimization solution tackles the most complex problems facing the chemical industry today.
Our platform is uniquely suited for a wide range of Government planning needs.
Does your organization have the knowledge and agility to survive and outperform in today’s complex, rapidly changing conditions?
In today’s ever-changing payer market, having a holistic view of your business is more important than ever.
Do you know the fastest path to increasing cash flow and profitability?
Connect your assets with market prices and financials to improve performance.
With current pressures on the industry, can you increase cash flow and profitability?
Are your decisions and policies aligned with maximizing shareholder value?
Can you afford to leave significant profits on the table?


River Logic offers the most advanced form of analytics, Prescriptive Analytics. It determines the best decisions and actions a company should take in order to maximize business objectives given current and future business constraints, including variability and uncertainty. It moves businesses from “what happened” to “what’s that best action.”


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