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Prescriptive Analytics

The goal of any type of analytics is to help businesses quickly reach the best decision which, in-turn, leads to action and ultimately drives significant results.

That being said, not all analytics are created equal — there are those that drive better results in a shorter time period. Although companies have spent billions over the past few decades on Business Intelligence, BI analytics focus too much on the past. BI is no longer enough to remain competitive given current market trends.

River Logic offers the most advanced form of analytics, Prescriptive Analytics. It determines the best decisions and actions a company should take in order to maximize business objectives given current and future business constraints, including variability and uncertainty. It moves businesses from “what happened” to “what’s that best action.”

Prescriptive Analytics

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Our Platform Enables Enterprise-wide Deployment of Prescriptive Analytics

Built for the cloud on Microsoft Azure, our technology enables end-to-end prescriptive-based planning and performance management through its unique, 3-part planning process: Plan, Optimize and Track. Across all solutions, whether custom-built or out-of-the-box, the backbone of our technology enables:

Prescriptive Analytics

Data Management

End-to-end Planning

Business-wide Collaboration

Business Intelligence

Prescriptive Analytics

Advanced Scenario Analysis