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11 Software Requirements for Stochastic Optimization

This is the first part of a two-part series on stochastic optimization, defined in Wikipedia as “optimization methods that generate and use random variables. For stochastic problems, the random variables appear in the formulation of the optimization problem itself, which involve random objective ...

Five Key Questions a Successful S&OP Strategy Should Ask

Sales and operations planning has been around for decades. At the time it was created, the emphasis was on setting up a process that would facilitate collaboration between the commercial departments (e.g. sales, marketing) and operations (e.g. manufacturing, procurement, inventory, distribution). ...

Three Steps to Mastering Profit Maximization

Profit maximization, or the process by which you determine the price and output level that provides your company with the greatest profit for the fiscal year, is a lot tougher than that simple definition would suggest.

Three Keys to Financial Optimization for S&OP

If you google financial optimization, you'll see a list of mostly academic papers on portfolio analysis or asset allocation for financial investing.  But what about corporate finance?  What about the objective of maximizing shareholder value?  Could the lack of results be because performing ...

3D Benchmarking through Business Modeling

Benchmarking involves comparing one's business processes and performance metrics with the same metrics and processes adopted by other companies in the same or similar industry sectors. Management consulting has always focused on performing diagnostics of customer processes by adopting a ...

Prescribing a Better Solution: Next Generation Healthcare Optimization

Healthcare providers have the noble mission of being responsible for the health of the population. How to make good use of data by extracting value from the data collection becomes of paramount importance.

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