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How Prescriptive Analytics Delivers on the Promise of Big Data

Can you imagine the possibility of making a strategic business decision based on recommended actions derived from past performance, current conditions, and desired outcomes? Advanced analytics have matured to make all that possible and more.

Protecting Intellectual Property on Prescriptive Analytics

Even in companies using highly automated systems, subject matter experts (SMEs) are still needed for making many tactical and strategic business decisions. Optimizing these same decisions requires prescriptive modeling techniques. But a company investing in prescriptive analytics must be willing to ...

Don’t Scare the CFO: Reconciling Managerial & Financial Accounting

In my efforts to develop and implement prescriptive modeling solutions to real business problems, recognizing the business context of the work can have huge implications on its success. One stakeholder who needs to be at least on board with prescriptive modeling (if not its champion) is the Chief ...

The math story of my life

“If I had only known back in school what I know today!”

Avoiding Analysis Paralysis in Prescriptive Analytics

In considering modern business analytics, I was asked recently how connected and dependent all the pieces were. Specific to prescriptive analytics, is it necessary to have predictive analytics in place to find success in prescriptive analytics? The answer is a resounding no.

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