Andrew Friars, PwC, Leader for Energy, Utilities and Mining Consulting (AU)

“River Logic provides an enabling technology to drive business transformation and delivers tangible business outcomes that every C-level should be considering. The combination of River Logic and our unique PwC industry insight is delivering signficant true value to companies and governments across the region.”

Stephen Herndlhofer, Head of Information Services, Yorkshire Water

“Yorkshire Water are facing new, emerging risks within an increasingly complex business context. The development of a suite of risk and cost models enable the organisation to consider a wide range of decisions in a more integrated way.”

Bill Louv, SVP Core Business Services, GlaxoSmithKline and River Logic Board Member

“As industry and government leaders get exposed to the ROI achieved by the early adopters of prescriptive analytics, I believe that River Logic and its global partner network are well positioned to exponentially replicate these early successes.”

Matt Yaun, Chief Administration Officer, Cox Industries

“We as a company make decisions dramatically different than we did five years ago because of River Logic. We exited an entire business because we realized it was unprofitable.”

Simon Avenell, Partner, Price Waterhouse Coopers

“River Logic’s Platform allows us to answer many of our clients’ most important questions. This builds trust and allows authentic conversations, and it’s in these relationships that the power of our firm can be brought to clients and unlock unmatched value for their business.”

Philip Higginbotham, National Director of Analytic Solutions, Grant Thornton

“The speed of change is increasing. Prescriptive analytics helps finance leaders and their companies react quickly to proactively shape desired outcomes.”

Ian Croucamp, Strategy & Development Planning, BHP Billiton

“We could finally show people in a meeting what it would cost to move away from the best answer, and implement their new policy. It radically shortened the decision making process and improved stakeholder meetings.”

Antonio Lira, Strategy and Business Planning Lead, Cemento Melon

Integrated Business Planning has enabled us to accurately model the business including the financial and operational complexities, and, through the application of prescriptive analytics, provided us with the superior decision-making ability required in modern management.”

Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D., Executive Director, Jewish General Hospital

“Enterprise Optimizer for Healthcare is a powerful decision support tool to model and measure the impacts of a given decision or action on all processes in the hospital or organization.”

Andre M. Boisvert, Board Vice Chairman and Senior Advisor

“The world is moving to a place where analytics drives decision-making; companies are demanding content that is actionable rather than informative. River Logic is there now.”

Rod Stout, Co-Founder, Business Modelling Associates

“When you combine industry experience that is respected and trusted with a unique next-generation technology, it’s not too difficult to differentiate from the competition. When a client sees a solution swiftly solve today’s problems, while adding value, and realizes that it can be applied to address future challenges, it’s not too difficult for the client to make a purchasing decision.”

Dann Briscoe, Finance Manager, Boise Cascade

“It’s accurate to say that when you model in EO you open up career opportunities. You learn a ton about the business by diving into an integrated view.”

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