The River Logic Platform

We offer the power of collaborative scenario planning with the most advanced optimization capabilities.

River Logic’s Product Architecture

River Logic’s product architecture has three important components:


Microsoft Azure: River Logic fully leverages the Azure cloud for scale, elasticity of services, security, computer power and more. Through Azure, River Logic is also able to offer cutting-edge, easy to deploy capabilities like Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, IoT and more.


River Logic Platform: The Platform enables end-to-end optimization, planning and performance management across all applications through three interoperable components.


River Logic Applications: These are configurable, easy-to-use and scalable applications that are built by River Logic, its partners and its customers. All applications offer a wide range of features that are enabled via the River Logic Platform.

River Logic’s Interoperable Platform Components

River Logic’s Prescriptive Planning and Performance Management Platform enables a wide range of capabilities across all applications.

The Platform consists of three interoperable components that enable unique capabilities within River Logic Applications.


River Logic Plan.Planning, data and workflow management


River Logic Optimize.Business modeling, optimization & scenario management


River Logic Track.Performance management capabilities built to enable enterprise adoption of prescriptive analytics

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Experience Our Revolutionary User Interface

Purpose Built for the Business User

Unlike the majority of planning and analytics software, River Logic is designed specifically for the business user. It is easy-to-use, intuitive and able to uniquely display opportunity values across all silos.

Product Features

Planning Insights from Prescriptive Analytics

River Logic is the only platform that has put prescriptive planning capabilities into the hands of business decision-makers. Knowing the optimal course of action brings unmatched value to the planning process while helping build trust across business silos.

Data Management

Users can integrate and automate across heterogeneous system environments with multiple data sources and schedule updates from various data sources. In addition, specific data management tasks and jobs can be created.

End-to-end Planning

River Logic's advanced modeling software enables multi-dimensional business hierarchies to be modeled. Furthermore, simple workflows and automated notifications allow decision-makers to quickly review and approve plans within the application.

Business-wide Collaboration

Built for the cloud on Microsoft Azure, users can leverage a suite of productivity tools available through Azure, further enabling end-to-end collaboration and workflow management that is so essential to scenario management.

Scenario Management

Scenarios can be created and analyzed through unlimited what-if analysis. All scenarios are based on certain business objectives or assumptions that help created an optimized plan and associated playbook that is shared across an organization.

Business Intelligence

In addition to standard BI capabilities, prescriptive insights are easily visualized through River Logic's unique ``Key Optimization Indicators™ (KOIs). KOIs are represented in both charts and graphs to facilitate quick, efficient analysis.