Our Prescriptive Analytics Technology

Planning and decision-support technology with powerful, optimization-backed scenario planning and analysis.

What Makes Us Different

Power of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure brings scale, elasticity of services, security, and computer power to our platform. It also offers cutting-edge, easy-to-deploy capabilities like machine learning, predictive modeling, IoT, and more.

Scalable Applications

Configurable, easy-to-use, and scalable decision-support applications allow you to address your most pressing planning problems with a single solution—without relying on a data scientist.

Interoperable Components

Our two interoperable components allow you to plan (planning, data, workflow management), optimize (business modeling, optimization, scenario management), and track your performance.

Intuitive Interface

Unlike all other optimization software, River Logic is designed specifically for business users. Quickly and effortlessly perform complex scenario analysis that drills down into the data to answer the “why” and “how” of optimization.

Code-Free Modeling

We build a custom model that represents your business exactly as it is. While traditional optimization solutions take months to do this, we do it within a few weeks, thanks to our code-free modeling capabilities.

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Our Features

Planning Insights from Prescriptive Analytics

River Logic is the only platform that has put prescriptive planning capabilities into the hands of business decision-makers. Knowing the optimal course of action brings unmatched value to the planning process while helping build trust across business silos.

Business-wide Collaboration

Leverage a suite of productivity tools available through Microsoft Azure that promote two key components of scenario management: end-to-end collaboration and workflow management.

Data Management

Integrate and automate across heterogeneous system environments with multiple data sources and schedule updates from various data sources. You can even create specific data management tasks and jobs.

Business Intelligence

Go beyond standard business intelligence capabilities to visualize prescriptive insights via our Key Optimization Indicators™ (KOIs). KOIs are represented in both charts and graphs to facilitate quick, efficient analysis.

Scenario Management

Create and analyze scenarios through unlimited what-if analysis. All scenarios are based on certain business objectives or assumptions that help create an optimized plan and associated playbook that is shared across your organization.

End-to-end Planning

Model multi-dimensional business hierarchies. Plus, simple workflows and automated notifications allow you to quickly review and approve plans within the application.

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