Our Prescriptive Analytics Platform

Our prescriptive analytics platform enables users to solve an unlimited number of decision-making challenges through collaborative, rapid, cloud-based scenario analysis.


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Business-wide collaboration

Business-wide collaboration

Leverage a suite of productivity tools available through Microsoft Azure that promote two key components of scenario management: end-to-end collaboration and workflow management
data management

Data management

Integrate and automate across heterogeneous system environments with multiple data sources and schedule updates from various data sources. You can even create specific data management tasks and jobs
Powerful reporting

Visual reporting

Visualize, compare, and socialize the results of hundreds of scenarios via powerful, easy-to-use reporting and drill-downs
planning insights

Forward-looking insights

With prescriptive analytics, business decision-makers can know the optimal course of action and the impact of their decisions on end-to-end KPIs before making them

Scenario management

Quickly create and analyze scenarios by changing underlying assumptions via the cloud. Scenarios take just seconds to be generated and solved
Powerful integrations

Powerful integrations

With out-of-the-box integrations, quickly populate River Logic with your existing data to get even more value from your toolsets.

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