Trade Promotion Optimization


Empower Your Trade Promotions with Prescriptive Insights

Maximize your return on trade (promotional) investment/spend by identifying the optimal combination of strategies and events across retail channels, customers, product lines, products, and time periods.

Features and Capabilites

  • Balance competing objectives across products and categories (national brands vs. private labels, revenue vs. volume vs. profit)
  • Account for promotional constraints like promoting together or not, when to promote, how often, etc.
  • Enable corporate managers to establish better customer and campaign strategies and optimize budget allocation while balancing market share, revenue, and profitability objectives
  • Evaluate different strategic scenarios for customer service and campaigns, not limited to automatically establishing budgets, field targets, and KPIs
  • Optimize trade calendar to volume, revenue and profit objectives, and prioritize incremental fund requests based on marginal opportunities
  • Understand the impact of different plans given the uncertainty of inputs and prices, and ultimately determine the appropriate risk management strategies
  • Capture best practices, as a result, improving the efficiency of trade promotion optimization.

Capacity Planning with Prescriptive Analytics

Discover how to bring your capacity plans from good to best-in-class.

Unique Value / Impact

  • Dramatically improve the effectiveness and return on investment from the trade promotions you’re running
  • Increase net revenues by 2% or more
  • Reduce cost per incremental dollar by as much as 30%
  • Facilitate mutually beneficial negotiations with partners
  • Capture ROI quickly through rapid deployment