Product Mix & Customer Profitability

Optimize Product Mix for Profitability

With River Logic

Forecast the profitability of products, customers and orders, including the different between average and marginal profitability

Evaluate alternatives to improve profitability and reduce value detracting efforts

Understand cost to serve different customers, considering order sizes, frequency, special requests, etc.

Explicitly model trade-offs between customer preferences, operational metrics and financial outcomes

Levels of Financial Knowledge

Explore the Value Add

Of Adopting River Logic

Evaluate profitability on a forward-looking basis, enabling managers to act before incurring losses

Capture additional upside

Explicitly differentiated average vs. marginal contribution to enhance your understanding of opportunities

Represent only feasible outcomes through an holistic model of the business that respects constraints in supply, the commercial functions and the finance functions

Leverage mathematical optimization to resolve trade-offs and identify the best plans