Short-term Planning for Natural Resources / Mining

Expand Your Short-term Planning for Natural Resources / Mining

With River Logic

The goal of short-term planning in the Mining sector is to ensure the right product is delivered to the right customer, while maximizing the company’s overall profit contribution. These companies’ value chains are extremely complex, and therefore the optimal solution must consider mine production/processing, blending (at the mine, railway, port, etc.), transportation and customer contracts (including prices, penalties) and trade these off against their revenue and cost implications to find the optimal plan.

Features and Capabilities

  • Create optimal plans that ensure the customers get their minimum requirements on time while considering blend given penalties for off-grade product and opportunity cost for over-delivering on product quality
  • Consider port throughput and shipping schedules/capacity as part of the overall solution
  • Evaluate trade-offs between revenue, profit/cost, customer satisfaction and risk
  • Represent sourcing, blending and transport optionality as integral components of your end-to-end business process while considering product substitution and business policy decisions

Capacity Planning with Prescriptive Analytics

Discover how to bring your capacity plans from good to best-in-class.

Unique Value / Impact

  • Increase revenues by up to 3% by ensuring the right materials are available and optimally loaded on each ship
  • Improve profit margins by 1-5% of revenue through identifying the optimal combination of product deliveries, transportation, blending and sourcing/mine processing, considering their revenue and cost implications
  • Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time delivery of blends that are on-spec
  • Reduce wastages by making better use of existing materials across mines and stockpile locations
  • Drive efficiency and agility into the planning process, enabling the organization to generate plans with significantly less effort while quickly reacting to unplanned circumstances