Capacity Planning

Expand Your Capacity Planning Capabilities

With River Logic

Evaluate capacity decisions including production sourcing, shift configurations and use of regular and over-time labor by production lines

Consider trade-offs between capacity, inventory build-ahead, service level and financial performance

Efficiently allocate investments including six-sigma projects, machine re-builds, brownfield and greenfield expansions considering operational impacts (e.g. uptime, throughput, asset flexibility) and financial performance (revenue, profit, NPV)

A Step-by-Step Guide

to Driving Business Impact with Capacity Planning

Explore the Value Add

Of Adopting River Logic

Explicitly represent unique constraints that affect capacity planning, such as labor availability, allocation to lines and costs as well as production sourcing, production line throughput, OEE, etc.

Consider additional critical factors that influence the outcome of capacity decisions, including inventory policy, lead times, sustainability requirements and how costs are actually incurred by the business (i.e., per unit, per hour, per shift, regular/overtime, etc.)

Leverage out of the box, visually configurable prescriptive analytics to understand plan feasibility and to identify the plans that best meet company objective

Evaluate what-if analyses that surface key trade-offs between capacity, service levels, inventory and financial performance

Seamlessly connect capacity planning into the S&OP process under one environment