Expand Your Financial Planning Capabilities

With River Logic

Create bottom up financial plans, leveraging built-in workflow and aggregation capabilities

Evaluate plans from a top-down basis, including feasibility

Understand and quantify where the plans make sense, and where there might be too much risk

Run what-if analyses to identify the best possible plan given different potential objectives and risks

Levels of Financial Knowledge

Explore the Value Add

Of Adopting River Logic

Generate bottom-up plans and evaluate them on a top-down basis with our unique combination of traditional financial planning with prescriptive analytics

Explicitly model the relationship between finance, demand generation and supply to understand where plans are feasible and where there is too much risk in achieving them

Evaluate what-if analyses and key assumptions, and their impact on achieving the plan

Leverage mathematical optimization to understand the best we can do under a given set of assumptions and objectives

River Logic Demonstration