Our Finance Solutions

Are you plagued with lack of clarity into
the financials of your business?

Difficulty managing input aggregations and running top down what-if scenarios

No ability to optimize critical decisions including the allocation of capital to the business and transfer prices

Poor visibility into product, customer and order profitability, especially on the margin

Challenges in setting targets and corporate scorecards, driven by limited understanding of what is possible and feasible

If your answer is yes, River Logic is for you.

We allow you to:

Consider and optimize financial impacts involved in making important operational trade offs (i.e., capacity, inventory pre-build and demand generation)

Evaluate different capital investment strategies to maximize objectives

Create feasible plans that are explicitly linked business performance by embedding financial objectives and constraints into the planning process

Forecast product, customer and order profitability on average and on the margin

Leverage a cross-functional Prescriptive Analytics model that represents current realities, constraints and business objectives to identify where plans are not feasible

Derive financial plans directly from end-to-end planning, including demand, supply and financial decisions

Six Levels of Financial Knowledge

Expand Your Financial Visibiliy and Performance

With River Logic’s Solutions

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Capital Planning

Capital Planning

Product / Order Profitability

Product / Order Profitability

Finally…answer those questions

You were never able to answer

Is my financial plan feasible? Is it the best we can do? Where is the sand-bagging and where are the risks?

What is the average profitability of our products, customers and individual orders? Are we placing too much emphasis on the largest customers?

What is the true ROI of our capital allocation? How could we improve return on invested capital?

Is there a difference on the margin that would highlight business improvement opportunities?

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