Expand Your Demand Planning Capabilities

With River Logic

Create multi-dimensional planning processes that are collaborative in nature (internal as well as across enterprises) – in other words allow demand planners across multiple geographies and business units to collaboratively create a single number plan.

Perform aggregation / disaggregation of data through configurable rules. For e.g. being able to plan at aggregate levels of product hierarchy and then be able to disaggregate at the SKU level based on business rules

Configure workflow management that orchestrates top down, middle out and bottom up demand planning processes

Perform statistical analysis on sales history to create a predictive baseline, simulate new product introductions and analyzing feasibility / potential impact demand generation initiatives

Analyze the feasibility and operational/financial impact of demand generation initiatives

Simulate the introduction of new products and identify its impact

A Consumer Goods Company Sucess Story

Explore the Value Add

Of Adopting River Logic

River Logic provides a highly configurable and intuitive environment for business users to create analytics for demand planning.

River Logic provides a highly scalable business user driven IBP application that can be used to orchestrate demand planning processes.

Unique combination of traditional demand planning with prescriptive analytics – this means plans can be generated bottom up and evaluated on a top-down basis

River Logic Demonstration