Demand Management Overview

Are You Plagued with Demand Management Problems Like These?

Poor customer satisfaction levels due to not being able to fulfill demand based on available capacity

Inability to prioritize demand generation initiatives based on overall contribution to business and financial objectives

Limited visibility into product, customer and order profitability and cost-to-serve

Increased stock-outs due to poor ability to manage demand

Lack of visibility into how bids impact profitability of the demand plans and its downstream implications on supply

If your answer is yes, River Logic is for you.

We allow you to:

Holistically plan and optimize demand generation initiatives across existing channels and new customers

Manage product and customer trade-offs by prioritizing demand shaping decisions

Create feasible plans that explicitly link into business performance

Leverage real-time alerts generated through tracking your plan against actual sales performance

Identify high-value opportunities for improving sales performance through real-time alerts created by tracking plan versus actual sales performance

Collaboratively visualize and discuss what-if analysis to proactively drive value-based conversations with team members

WOW Your C-Suite with these 8 S&OP Strategies

Expand Your Demand Management Capabilities

With River Logic’s Solutions

Demand Planning

Demand Planning

Demand Shaping

Demand Shaping

Bid Support

Bid Support

Finally…answer those questions

You were never able to answer

Which customers, products, channels and orders are the most / least profitable on a forward-looking basis by business unit, region and time period?

Which demand should we proactively drive?

With which products and at which channels/customers? Using which methods (promotions, advertising, incentives etc.)?

If we have a product shortage, where/how should we allocate it? what is the trade-off vs. building additional inventory?

River Logic Demonstration