Expand Your Capital Planning Capabilities

With River Logic

Understand the real impact of capital allocation on capacity, throughput, service levels and financial outcom

Optimize the mix of investments across functions, business units and time periods to maximize ROIC, NPV and/or net income

Simulate different investment scenarios, including asset investments and disposals

Six Levels of Financial Knowledge

Explore the Value Add

Of Adopting River Logic

Explicitly connect capital planning with the underlying representation of the network with a true material balance and audit quality financials – this ensures every investment alternative yields a feasible outcome with reliable financial impacts

Leverage mathematical optimization to find the optimal mix of investment strategies that best meets corporate objectives

Run what-if analyses to identify the impact of different levels of capital allocation, WACC and particular investment strategies

Seamlessly manage investment allocation process through a single version of the truth and powerful workflow engines that allow assumptions to be defined at different levels of granularity

River Logic Demonstration