Sales and Operations Planning Solutions

We enhance S&OP through true Integrated Business Planning.

Demand Management

River Logic’s demand management capabilities cover demand planning, bid support, promotion planning and more. Add value to existing demand planning systems or replace them altogether. River logic gives you:

One, integrated platform for modeling supply, demand, inventory, finance and other related areas to perform demand management.

Insights from prescriptive analytics to highlight undiscovered insights into demand performance that cuts across siloes and helps generate significant value.

A fully collaborative environment to better evaluate trade-offs between demand generation, supply and financial outcomes.

Supply Chain Planning

River Logic’s supply chain planning solution suite covers supply planning, capacity planning, inventory planning, procurement planning, distribution planning and more. Add value to existing supply chain planning systems or replace them altogether. River logic gives you:

End-to-end planning, including demand, supply and financials

A holistic representation of your business that ensures alignment of supply, demand and financial outcomes

Superior management of supply, inventory, resource constraints, service levels and costs to identify the optimal trade-offs across the supply chain

Agility to quickly respond to unplanned supply chain events and compose the best plan

Demand shaping capabilities that are based on supply capabilities and financial outcomes


River Logic’s capital planning suite offers financial planning, capital planning, product / order profitability and more. Add value to existing supply chain planning systems or replace them altogether. River logic gives you:

Evaluate trade-offs and what-if analyses with a real understanding of operational realities and their impact on financial outcomes

Understand how costs behave on a forward looking basis, including average and marginal to develop a unique picture of where the company makes more or less money

Enable collaboration to set target that are well aligned with corporate strategy, yet also are achievable without undue risk

Integrated Business Planning

River Logic’s Integrated Business Planning solution enhances Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) by integrating financials as an input with demand and supply planning.

This produces a plan that is optimized to maximize profit (among other things), without relying on heuristic approximations (such as entering unit cost). The benefit over traditional S&OP is typically 1-5% of revenue in additional profit. IBP is River Logic’s S&OP SaaS solution that supports the full planning cycle across a wide range of industries. Features include detailed process workflows, automated notifications, sleek visual reporting, scenario management and intuitive user interfaces across any device.


Achieve Immediate and Holistic Integrated
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