Product Mix and Customer Profitability

River Logic tightly integrates financial and operational data, so customers can confidently resolve trade-offs on a forward-looking basis to find the best mix or strategy. Know the true profitability of customers or products by incorporating detailed information like order size, special requests, frequency, transportation costs, and more.


Customer and partner


“We continually use River Logic for visibility and optimization of our network and we see great value from this. The scenario modeling is user-friendly, reliable and fast. The River Logic team is responsive and flexible to our needs. As we go forward, we are looking to gain further value from the tool, particularly in the area of network capabilities and capacities.”

European Supply Chain Team,
Upfield (Formerly Unilever)

“River Logic can determine the most profitable strategy for demand fulfillment in a matter of minutes, delivering immediate value to the bottom-line.”

Director of FP&A,
Buildings Products Manufacturer

“The main thing that makes River Logic unique is that it starts with your real-world business (product, process, etc) and then attaches the financials. With other planning, you go straight to financials or simplify the inputs.”

Chris McCallum,
COO, Shoes of Prey

“One of the key values from River Logic is the ability to bring our functional teams data that they can make actionable…We want them to understand the opportunity cost of producing and selling one more or one less of that product, and River Logic enables that for us.”

Lewis Belknap,
VP of Planning, McKee Foods

“We were attracted to the flexibility of River Logic. We can determine things such as where and how to blend coal, adjust plans based on customized multi-criteria optimization, and simulate financial flows. We will continue to use River Logic to streamline our efforts for determining functionally-aligned plans that optimize our performance objectives.”

Alexey Dmitrochenkov,
Head of Planning, SUEK Energy

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  • Visually model your end-to-end value chain to ensure all current and future capacity constraints are easily identified
  • Focus on company objectives by including all relevant fixed and variable costs as well as market dynamic
  • Quantify the marginal profit impact of current and future capacity constraints

  • Simultaneously evaluate all potential capacity expansion alternatives
  • Evaluate key performance trade-offs such as service level vs. profit and manufacturing cost vs. working capital
  • Engage planners and executive decision makers via graphical models, intuitive UIs and self-service reporting

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What is River Logic’s biggest differentiator?

According to Gartner's survey of our customer base, our biggest differentiator is the unmatched value our customers see from implementing our packaged and custom-built solutions.  Some of our customers have seen profit improvements equal to 2-4% of their annual revenue while others have seen a 10-15% reduction in costs. 

How soon will I start seeing value from your technology?

One of our major differentiators is time-to-value. Custom solutions take as little as 2 weeks to configure, and our packaged applications take just a few days to set up.

What is prescriptive analytics?

Prescriptive analytics is still a relatively new term, but we’ve got you covered. Simply click this link to learn everything you need to know about prescriptive analytics.

Do I have the data to get started?

Almost everyone we talk to asks that same question. If you have concerns about your data, it’s best to reach out to our team, so we can better understand your business challenge and determine if you have the necessary data and quality of data.

Who are your primary partners?

We have a global network of partners across a wide range of industries.  Some specialize in developing custom solutions, some specialize in helping clients implement our solutions, and others offer pure consulting support. To view a full list of partners, visit our partner page

Can I speak to one of your customers as a reference?

Sure! We have plenty of happy customers that we regularly use as references. Once we understand what challenges you’re facing and map out a solution, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with someone.