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Partners around the globe have leveraged River Logic’s technology to create a wide range of solutions.

Carbon Emissions Optimizer

The solution makes carbon planning an integral part of an organization’s daily decision making; it includes an accurate and holistic business model of the organization, which identifies all business functions that impact the carbon footprint. All Capex investment projects, and their associated carbon impact implications, are built into the model as decision options.

The technology’s optimization capability can then be deployed to determine the optimal answer to key business decisions, considering not only the trade-off between operation and financial objectives, but also carbon emissions as an objective function. Automated and user-friendly dashboards then empower employees throughout the organization to see the impact of their decisions on the carbon footprint, thus institutionalizing a carbon reduction culture.

Industries: Automotive, Chemical, CPG, Energy & Utilities, Industrial Manufacturing, Oil & Gas


Cost-to-Serve (CtS) Planner™

CtS enables CPG manufacturers to model the extended manufacturer-retailer supply chain, and identify the key drivers of inventory, revenue realization and cost to enable total margin optimization.

Manufacturers evaluate the impact of retailer behaviors (e.g. stocking policy, order size, pallet mix) and their service commitments (e.g. frequency, lead times, incentive programs) to understand net P&L, as well as operational impact on their operations and each retailer. Manufacturers can then proactively identify and propose win-win scenarios to their retailer partners.

Industries: Apparel & Accessories, Beverages, Consumer Products Manufacturers, Food & Beverage, Grocery

Network Strategy & Value Chain Transformation

Unlike traditional Network Design applications, Network Strategy enables manufacturers to optimize the full network and maximize net present value of future cash flows, or total profitability.

The solution considers all of the following in seeking a global optimum: raw material availability/costs, Manufacturing capacity, Throughput by plant, line or machine center, Inventory constraints, Energy costs, Labor costs/availability, Transportation lead times and costs, Differential tax rates, and Demand/price forecasts

Users evaluate multiple what-if and stochastic scenarios, including supply chain disruptions, capital expense allocation options, new procurement or labor contracts, exchange rate fluctuations, new product introductions/product sunsets and potential changes in demand, to find the optimal combination of performance and risk.

The system supports multiple financial reporting structures/financial transactions, transfer pricing, customs tax rates and minimum profit targets by business unit/location. It also considers debt-gearing constraints and their impact on taxes. In addition to an optimal plan, the solution provides a detailed cost/unit and financial performance forecast for each business unit, as well as the consolidated division/company.

Industries: Aerospace, Agriculture, Retail, Automotive, Chemicals, CPG, Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals

Procurement Optimization

Procurement Optimization enables procurement professionals to make the best decisions when negotiating with suppliers. Users can identify the optimal portfolio of products to purchase, considering price/volume discounts across suppliers, products, locations and time periods.

Users can also consider the downstream impact on the business by properly evaluating delivery time periods, product quality and impact on overall revenue and cost.

Industries: Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Retail & Wholesale

Trade Promotion Optimization Planner™

TPO Planner improves the impact of trade promotion spend by optimizing budget allocation and trade calendars to different business objectives. This includes market share, revenues, and profit.

Industry: CPG

Cash Management for Banks

This solution aims to reduce opportunity cost and transport cost for cash notes, as well as increase availability. It plans and optimizes note sorting, Central Bank Deposits and Clearance Recommendations by denomination, in addition to deposits and withdrawals from note handling facilities. The solution supports what-if analysis on resource levels, costs, and alternative demand scenarios, and provides financial statements of: Cash operations, Forward visibility on KPIs, and Actual vs. plan performance monitoring.

A current client was able to reduce total cash on hand by 33%, reduce on-going expenses by $6-8 million per year, increase service levels and improve their relationships with the federal market regulator.

Industries: Banking, Financial Services

Cost-to-Serve Planner™ for 3PL / 4PL

Track, monitor and forecast the operational and financial impact of onboarding and serving a customer, including: Order behavior, Freight, Warehousing, Cost of logistics

The solution supports flowpath, frequency, pallet configuration, order behavior and what-if optimization analyses to find win-win opportunities. It also establishes a communication mechanism between 3PL/4PL and each customer, by providing P&L, KPIs and detailed cost analysis.

Industries: Consumer Products Manufacturers, Retail & Wholesale

Price Optimization

Price Optimization enables pricing professionals and commercial managers to maximize the yield from pricing decisions within a given category.

The solution considers not only the price elasticity of demand for each product or service, but also cross-elasticity from products that could be considered close substitutes. With the addition of cost of goods sold information, the solution can optimize not only revenue, but also total profitability within categories.

Industries: Consumer Products Manufacturers, Financial Services, Retail & Wholesale, Telecommunications

Revenue Management for Shipping Lines

Revenue Management enables operations and commercial managers in a shipping line to optimize price and capacity in each route segment, or across multiple segments based on existing and forecast bookings.

The solution considers the following factors to support daily planning multiple months into the future: Demand and prices by route or all routes, Ship characteristics, Lead times, Empty container availability (by container type) in ports and en-route, Transportation cost, Port storage cost, Loading/unloading costs, and Lead times.

The system includes accessible user interfaces, planning workflow, data management and reporting – all in a cloud-based environment. As it optimizes to maximum system-wide profitability, typical benefits from Revenue Management can be as much as an 8% additional revenue yield, and a 10-20% decrease in empty container management cost.

Industries: Cargo Handling, Transportation Services

Water Utility Management Suite

The Water Management Optimization Suite builds a model of the client’s business in its present state, and, by using different data sets, executive teams can then test ‘future world’ scenarios (i.e., not simply taking past activity and projecting forward when the organization can undergo radical changes into the future).

These can accommodate the use of operational models (daily/weekly) to support various issues, such as sludge tinkering or scarce water allocation; tactical models (monthly / quarterly) to optimize water treatment, energy usage or manage leakage; or longer-term strategic scenario planning over a twenty-five year period (or longer) to optimally allocate capex, or manage risk and sustainability.

Of critical importance is the capability to apply multiple objective functions, which solve the above challenges from different perspectives. Unlike traditional technologies that may optimize one criterion — e.g., cost optimization or profit optimization — the solution suite enables users to optimize almost any desired function. This could include carbon emissions minimisation or, in the regulated water environment, optimization of Regulated Asset Value/Regulated Capital Value.

Industry: Energy & Utilities

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