Trade Promotion Optimization

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Expand Your Trade Promotion Optimization

With River Logic

Maximize your return on trade (promotional) investment/spend by identifying the optimal combination of strategies and events across retail channels, customers, product lines, products, and time periods.

Evaluate capacity decisions including production sourcing, shift configurations and use of regular and over-time labor by production lines

Consider trade-offs between capacity, inventory build-ahead, service level and financial performance

Efficiently allocate investments including six-sigma projects, machine re-builds, brownfield and greenfield expansions considering operational impacts (e.g. uptime, throughput, asset flexibility) and financial performance (revenue, profit, NPV)

A Step-by-Step Guide

to Driving Business Impact with Capacity Panning

What can you do with it

Balance competing objectives across products and categories (national brands vs. private labels, revenue vs. volume vs. profit)

Account for promotional constraints like promoting together or not, when to promote, how often, etc.

Enable corporate managers to establish better customer and campaign strategies and optimize budget allocation while balancing market share, revenue, and profitability objectives

Evaluate different strategic scenarios for customer service and campaigns, not limited to automatically establishing budgets, field targets, and KPIs

Optimize trade calendar to volume, revenue and profit objectives, and prioritize incremental fund requests based on marginal opportunities

Understand the impact of different plans given the uncertainty of inputs and prices, and ultimately determine the appropriate risk management strategies

Capture best practices, as a result, improving the efficiency of trade promotion optimization.

Unique Value / Impact

Dramatically improve the effectiveness and return on investment from the trade promotions you’re running

Increase net revenues by 2% or more

Reduce cost per incremental dollar by as much as 30%

Facilitate mutually beneficial negotiations with partners

Capture ROI quickly through rapid deployment