Bid Support

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With River Logic

In the case of B2B interactions between companies, where the customer of an organization is another company, bid support or Request-for-Quote support becomes important.

These bids will make an impact to the supply chain in terms of utilizing resources, materials, bills of materials, routings etc. All these can be automated through the bid support solution.

In this solution, demand planners/sales reps/account managers can take bids and input them into the solution as new demand on top of the forecasted demand.

The user is able to then verify the impact of these bids on the current plan through what-if scenario analysis

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Of Adopting River Logic

Advance your level of managing customer, product and campaign profitability

Evaluate bids in the context of a global optimization to increase profits

Analyze marginal impact on profit simultaneously with supply and financial plans

Engage in bid support and customer negotiations, through an integrated model of the business

Leverage what-if scenario analysis that enables significant opportunity to identify the optimal combination of products, SLAs and price/discount