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River Logic’s Enterprise Optimizer 8.0 adds risk‐based predictive analytics and new integration tools

November 7, 2012 | By River Logic News

In the movement to digitize the enterprise and connect all things IoT and more, a former supply chain buzzword has re-emerged with more momentum than ever… and confusion! The supply chain term “control tower” is used many ways, causing some vendors to meld its point solutions into a new layer of technology and tout a beacon of insights across the supply chain with promises to include:

Dallas, Texas, November 7, 2012 – River Logic Inc., a leading provider of business analytics, today announced a new release of Enterprise Optimizer (EO), the company’s award-winning analytics and modeling platform. The new release, Enterprise Optimizer® 8.0, enables clients and partners to quickly deliver performance-enhancing insights through the use of constraint-based modeling and advanced analytics.

Enterprise Optimizer delivers predictive and prescriptive analyses that complement today’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. River Logic clients and partners will use Enterprise Optimizer 8.0 to rapidly develop and/or expand decision-support solutions that:

  • Create forward-looking representations of complex business processes
  • Simultaneously consider operational constraints and financial data
  • Optimize decisions (and minimize risks) through stochastic modeling and what-if analyses

Enterprise Optimizer® 8.0 includes significant upgrades that expand risk-related analytics, while improving usability, database integration and system performance.

A New Paradigm for Risk Analytics – Users define and apply different probability distributions to critical model variables, including resource reliability, demand, currency exchange rates and input costs, amongst others. This approach to modeling risk enables users to analyze the impact of unpredictable events on operational and financial performance while simultaneously optimizing the company’s response.

River Logic Solution Partner, Richard Martin, Chief Technology Officer of Business Modelling Associates, a Supply Chain Consulting company, says, “Enterprise Optimizer® [8.0] redefines the standard for predictive and prescriptive modeling.” Martin continues, “With 8.0 we are expanding the definition of risk analysis by seamlessly integrating it with business and supply chain planning. Our clients are able to make better decisions along the performance versus risk continuum.”

Usability – A new query engine and revamped visualizations allow EO modelers to develop models and run scenarios faster through improved data manipulation, filtering and graphical analysis.

Integration – Script Generation Wizard (SGW) easily connects EO models with Microsoft® SQL Server and Microsoft® Excel. SGW automatically generates the EO input tables and import/export tasks, as well as the export tables for use in reporting systems. SGW significantly reduces the development effort of EO-based solutions, thereby expanding the universe of possible EO uses into shorter consulting projects and solutions with lower budgets.

Performance – Across-the-board enhancements allow larger deployments to perform in significantly less time. Compared with EO 7.5, the turn-around time to provide answers to a scenario has improved by as much as 10x. Richard Martin continues, “with EO 8.0, we have seen our Cash Management solution reduce solve time from five minutes to less than thirty seconds.”

About River Logic, Inc.
River Logic provides advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics through the Enterprise Optimizer® (EO) platform.

River Logic provides significant financial benefits to clients and partners. River Logic Consulting Partners are able to drive business transformation through rapid deployments. River Logic Technology Partners can extend their analytic capabilities by easily embedding EO into their own solutions. River Logic customers, which span the industries spectrum, leverage EO to complement their Business Intelligence (BI) with market leading analytics.

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