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Deliver Comprehensive Answers in 2 Months or Less.

What Can You Do with River Logic?

Unlike packaged planning solutions, River Logic can tackle complex, multi-tier challenges with a code-free optimization approach that’s designed to empower business leaders to make better decisions, support real-time collaborative planning and deliver comprehensive answers in 2 months or less.

  • Develop a robust sustainability strategy out to 30+ years through more accurate modeling of strategic scenarios that simultaneously respect all financial and operational KPIs.
  • Manage strategic risk (e.g., climate change and asset risk) and run rapid risk / uncertainty analysis while understanding true financial and organization-wide impacts
  • Optimize performance against regularity incentives in order to avoid high fines while still optimizing for overarching business objectives
  • Optimally plan your capital investments and infrastructure assessments
  • Integrate and optimize resource procurement, planning and delivery across multiple sites
  • Understand exactly what strategic assets to invest in and optimize decisions to meet short- and long-term business objectives (e.g., drive profit)
River Logic KOI Graphic

Strategic Risk and Cost Modeling: From Source to Sea


The Benefits of River Logic to Utility Companies

  • Develop optimized strategic investment plans that lead to millions of dollars in capital savings and optimized risk management plans
  • Optimally address your biggest challenges around balancing long-term sustainability, ever-changing regulations and delivering high customer satisfaction
  • Immediately course-correct when you see trouble with an optimized and feasible plan
  • Identify opportunities that could save millions each year by removing bottlenecks and obtaining best practice production planning principles.
  • Integrate metering information and dynamic pricing for improved profitability
  • Improve Network and Grid Management, allowing for a more reliable operation and improved customer service

How is River Logic Different?

River Logic creates a single, end-to-end model of a business or enterprise. With the power of prescriptive analytics and the ability to run unlimited what-ifs, companies are able to
find undiscovered opportunity values and optimize decision making.

River logic Prescriptive-based Optimization brings unmatched value