What Can You Do with River Logic?

Unlike packaged planning solutions, River Logic can tackle complex, multi-tier challenges with a code-free optimization approach that’s designed to empower business leaders to make better decisions, support real-time collaborative planning and deliver comprehensive answers in 2 months or less.

  • Develop a robust sustainability strategy out to 30+ years through more accurate modeling of strategic scenarios that simultaneously respect all financial and operational KPIs.
  • Manage strategic risk (e.g., climate change and asset risk) and run rapid risk / uncertainty analysis while understanding true financial and organization-wide impacts
  • Optimize performance against regularity incentives in order to avoid high fines while still optimizing for overarching business objectives
  • Optimally plan your capital investments and infrastructure assessments
  • Integrate and optimize resource procurement, planning and delivery across multiple sites
  • Understand exactly what strategic assets to invest in and optimize decisions to meet short- and long-term business objectives (e.g., drive profit)

We Can Help. Here’s How We Help

Consumer Goods Case Study

Learn how this Fortune 1000 consumer goods company maximized product portfolio profitability, optimized capital investments to maximize ROI and more.


Expert Guide: Capacity Planning

This Expert Guide takes a step-by-step approach to helping companies take their capacity planning and production allocation processes from OK to best in class.


The Benefits of River Logic to Utility Companies

  • Develop optimized strategic investment plans that lead to millions of dollars in capital savings and optimized risk management plans
  • Optimally address your biggest challenges around balancing long-term sustainability, ever-changing regulations and delivering high customer satisfaction
  • Immediately course-correct when you see trouble with an optimized and feasible plan
  • Identify opportunities that could save millions each year by removing bottlenecks and obtaining best practice production planning principles.
  • Integrate metering information and dynamic pricing for improved profitability
  • Improve Network and Grid Management, allowing for a more reliable operation and improved customer service

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