Pulp & Paper

Unlimited What-Ifs. Optimized Trade Offs. Increased Profits.

Pulp and Paper companies are under immense pressure to improve financial performance. As a company leader, you are expected to find opportunities to reduce cost while demand is changing, competition is intensifying and your asset base continues to age. Time is running out too as funding continues to flow out of the industry. The key is to understand which products, customers and supply conditions are required to improve financial outcomes.

The most successful companies are adopting prescriptive analytics into their planning to improve financial performance by making decisions about their business in a holistic fashion that cuts across silos. They’re thus able to anticipate unforeseen events and find truly optimal plans. River Logic’s unique ability to represent your business realities brings functions together to allow you to optimize plans globally and drive profit.

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Cox Industries Wins with Prescriptive Analytics


Our Solution

Our planning and prescriptive analytics solution allows companies to represent their business realities quickly while easily defining and exploring alternative scenarios.Our customers see up to 5% of revenue in additional profit and significant improvements in decision-making agility and performance predictability.

How Does Pulp & Paper Benefit from River Logic?


Find the right balance between input costs, asset utilization and product prices against different objectives including volume growth, customer service and financial outcomes


Identify the plan that best utilizes existing resources and minimizes waste, such as trim losses


Emphasize the mix of products and policies (e.g. make to stock/order) that maximize contribution to financial and strategic business outcomes

Strategic Planning

Optimize the value chain including investments in new and existing assets to maximize return on invested capital (ROIC)


Resolve trade-offs, identify new opportunities, respond to unplanned events within hours and always with the decision that maximizes business performance


Improve accuracy of operational and financial forecasts to drive a higher confidence in the plan and new investments

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