Mining and Metals

Can you afford to leave significant profits on the table?

Unlimited What-Ifs. Optimized Trade-offs. Higher Profits.

The softening of the commodities markets means that more than ever, mining executives must know which products and customers drive the highest profit, and as a consequence also where they can reduce their costs. While managing the mine, supply chain, mills/foundaries, port and shipping operations remains important, it is critical to look across these functional silos and connect them with demand generation, revenue and costs to see the big picture.

River Logic is the only vendor capable of delivering a holistic view of business operations. Leveraging prescriptive analytics through optimization and what-if analyses, it allows you to quickly find the products, customers and areas in the value chain with the highest opportunity. With a direct representation of financials, it also enables financial executives to properly understand risk and allocate capital with confidence.

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Our Solution

Our planning and prescriptive analytics solution allows companies to represent their business realities quickly while easily defining and exploring alternative scenarios. Our customers see up to 5% of revenue in additional profit and significant improvements in decision-making agility and performance predictability.

The Benefits of River Logic in Mining and Metals

Mine to customer

Identify the combination of products, production, blending and transportation that maximizes financial contribution to the business, avoiding the pitfalls of siloed planning


Develop production and workforce plans that maximize the performance of the assets

Mine Support

Optimize the configuration of mine support services including workforce accommodations, transportation, flight schedules and utilities

Strategic Planning

Evaluate capital expenses and improvement programs from mine to port to find the optimal portfolio that maximizes return on capital invested (ROIC)


Respond to unplanned asset breakdowns or supply chain disruptions in near real time, and always with the plan that maximizes business performance


Quickly translate market price changes into highly accurate operational and financial forecasts, driving higher confidence in the management team

How is River Logic Different?

River Logic creates a single, end-to-end model of a business or enterprise. With the power of prescriptive analytics and the ability to run unlimited what-ifs, companies are able to
find undiscovered opportunity values and optimize decision making.

Drag & drop interface with no code and no equations

A shared context that facilitatesdecision making

Physical, financial and strategic representation of the business

In-memory computations and power of the cloud

River Logic Demonstration