There’s a Growing Need to Balance Complex Trade-off Decisions

Manufacturers of all types face global competition, accelerated product life cycles, increased supply chain complexity and new requirements like sustainability. As a leader, you’re expected to make decisions that maximize the return to your shareholders with faster frequency. Yet, most tactical and strategic decisions are still made primarily within the traditional silos of sales, supply chain, product management, and finance.


This is why visionaries are adopting our River Logic to find the combination of products, channels, policies and supply activities that deliver an optimal balance between growth, financial performance, and customer service. River Logic enables you to deliver on these objectives through our unique ability to represent your business realities in a holistic model that cuts across functional silos to allow you to optimize plans globally.

Here’s How We Help

Don’t Settle for a Better Plan. Get the Best Plan.

That’s what River Logic is here for.


River Logic helps you optimally balance complex trade-off decisions across your value chain. By leveraging a digital, intelligent representation of your exact business, executives, planners and analysts alike are able to test out hundreds of scenarios in order to determine the best path forward.

Consumer Goods Case Study

Learn how this Fortune 1000 consumer goods company maximized product portfolio profitability, optimized capital investments to maximize ROI and more.


Expert Guide: Capacity Planning

This Expert Guide takes a step-by-step approach to helping companies take their capacity planning and production allocation processes from OK to best in class.


How Does Manufacturing Benefit from River Logic?

Strategy Planning

Allocate funds and available resources to products and regions with the highest marginal contribution to financial and strategic business outcomes

Product Mix

Allocate resources and define the policies to manage each product in accordance with its potential to improve your performance

Supply Chain

Optimize procurement, manufacturing, inventory and distribution for higher profit and better customer service

Sales and Marketing

Identify the bids, policies and priorities to maximize the return from various channels and customers


Understand the difference between average and marginal profitability, and align operational decisions with shareholder value


Resolve trade-offs, identify new opportunities, respond to unplanned events within hours and always with the decision that maximizes business performance


Improve accuracy of operational and financial forecasts to drive a higher confidence in the plan and new investments


Ensure maximum efficiency within the enterprise, as well as in collaboration with suppliers and customers

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