Healthcare Providers

Prescriptive Planning & Performance Management for Healthcare Providers

Increased funding pressure from cash-starved governments, absorbing more risk, population growth and an ageing population continue to accelerate demand for care. With little room for error, providers must maximize the effectiveness of care delivery while simultaneously managing their cost and risk exposure.

Our prescriptive planning platform directly addresses these challenges by allowing provider organizations to simulate and optimize decisions against a set of objectives — things like access to care, quality of care, financial performance, staff efficiency, etc. They are then able to analyze decisions in real-time and optimize across all aspects of their business model. Finally, providers can use a single platform to optimize strategic, tactical, and operational planning throughout.

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Our Solution

River Logic’s prescriptive planning and performance management platform gives providers a truly holistic view of their business. Care demand, resources, treatment plans, payment models, and fixed / variable costs are all represented in our end-to-end models. Government owned / funded hospitals see significant improvement in staff utilization, higher return on program investments and reduced wait times for care delivery. Similarly, private providers can achieve the above and improve their margins by better managing their payer contracts and service mix.

The Benefits of River Logic to Healthcare Providers

Scheduling Policy

Identify the optimal approach to scheduling patients and personnel in critical assets such as ORs and ICUs to increase throughput while reducing cost

Strategy Planning

Optimize the mix of programs, investments and resources (e.g. physicians, facilities) across a network that best achieves the organization’s strategic and financial objectives

Capacity Planning

Determine the optimal mix of personnel and capacity allocation policies (e.g. floors, ORs) required to meet demand, including options for team configurations and different levels of cross-training


Understand the key drivers of cost and utilization, and how different levers available to management impact them

Value-based Acccountable Care

Identify the key strategies and programs to manage patient populations and financial risk under different forms of capitated payment models


Improve accuracy of operational and financial forecasts to identify and mitigate potential risks while driving a higher confidence in the plan from key stakeholder