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Consumer Packaged Goods

Why settle for being less profitable than your competitors?

From What-If to What’s Best to What’s Doable.

Your Challenges


Not knowing what demands to meet, what to do with extra capacity, or what promotions to run makes it impossible to optimize procurement, manufacturing, inventory, and distribution.

How River Logic Benefits CPG

Improve Performance

Allocate funds and available resources to products and regions with the highest marginal contribution to financial and strategic business outcomes.

Build Strategic Alignment

Explicitly represent and optimize the plan according to strategic objectives, such as new products and sustainability targets.

Add Efficiency

Ensure maximum efficiency within the enterprise, as well as in collaboration with suppliers and customers.

Create Predictability

Improve accuracy of operational and financial forecasts to drive a higher confidence in the plan and new investments.

Increase Agility

Resolve trade-offs, identify new opportunities, and respond to unplanned events within hours and always with the decision that maximizes business performance.

Capacity Planning with Prescriptive Analytics

Discover how to bring your capacity plans from good to best-in-class.


How Is River Logic Different?

River Logic creates a single, end-to-end model of a business or enterprise. With the power of prescriptive analytics and the ability to run unlimited what-ifs, companies are able to find undiscovered opportunity values and optimize decision-making.

Our Solution

Determine the most profitable product mix to sell—when, into which markets, and at what volumes—for your business. River Logic helps you optimize trade promotion plans by understanding where you have production opportunities. Drive profitability by knowing exactly how to use extra capacity or what to do when you have constrained capacity. Also, plan for seasonality by accurately representing variables like cost to carry and cost of overtime.