Deliver profitable growth in a hyper-competitive, constantly changing world

From What-If to What’s Best to What’s Doable

Unlike other planning solutions, River Logic can tackle complex, multi-tier problems with a code-free optimization approach that’s designed to empower business leaders to make better decisions, support real-time collaborative planning and deliver comprehensive answers in 2 months or less.


  • Understand your planning surplus and the optimal SLAs that maximize profits
  • Evaluate bids and simultaneously optimize how you produce and supply products
  • Optimize product mix, substitutions, WIP buy-sell, make-to-stock and make-to-order decisions
  • Optimize your procurement, sourcing, capacity and distribution decisions
  • Consider CAPEX as a scenario when optimizing decisions

See How a Chemical Manufacturer Cut Costs While Meeting 99% SLAs


The Benefits of  River Logic in Chemicals

Improve CAPEX decision making

Evaluate possible capital improvements and optimally utilize your CAPEX budget to maximize NPV

Evaluate mergers & acquisitions

Don’t guess at the potential synergies — learn the true economic value of M&A activity prior to pulling the trigger

Know the value of your customer

Evaluate entire portfolios of product contracts simultaneously to determine profitability and improve your negotiations through better information

Optimize your supply chain

Optimize the performance of your supply chain to minimize your costs and maximize your benefits. Improve your reaction time to unexpected events and minimize your risks

Research & development

Implement new technologies and products within the context of your entire business to examine all of the inter-relationships and synergies prior to new product launches or CAPEX expenditures

Optimize order allocation

Quickly and efficiently plan the best, most profitable sourcing for all of your orders, taking into account all procurement, production and logistics costs

It’s time to modernize your decision-making approach.

Optimization-based Prescriptive drives unmatched value

River logic Prescriptive-based Optimization brings unmatched value