Deliver profitable growth in a hyper-competitive, low growth world

From What-If to What’s Best to What’s Doable.

Unlike other planning solutions, River Logic can tackle those complex, multi-tier problems with a code-free optimization approach that’s designed for business leaders, encourages collaborative planning and delivers comprehensive answers in just months.


  • Understand your planning surplus and the optimal SLAs that maximize profits
  • Evaluate bids and simultaneously optimizing how you produce and supply that plus optimize how you produce your other stuff
  • Optimize made-to-stock and made-to-order
  • Optimize your negotiation, transportation and resource allocation decisions
  • Analyze trade-off decisions around what to do with your work-in-process

See How a Chemical Manufacturer Cuts Costs While Meeting 99% SLAs


Our Solution

Our Prescriptive-based Optimization Solution allows Chemical companies to represent their end-to-end business realities quickly while easily defining and exploring alternative scenarios. After deploying River Logic, our customers see reduced operating costs, reduced SLA violations, increased profitability and more.

The Benefits of  River Logic in Oil and Gas

Plant Design

Combine an engineering quality representation of the plant with an audit quality representation of financials to find the design that maximizes net present value while appropriately reflecting risk implications of key design choices


Develop the most efficient plans to support operations, whether allocating maintenance crews to field assets or sending ships to marine terminals


As input costs and market prices change, simultaneously optimize production and product mix to find the combination that maximizes financial outcomes

Strategic Planning

Evaluate investments against a realistic picture of the existing asset base to find the optimal combination that maximizes return on invested capital (ROIC) while appropriately managing risk


Respond to unplanned disruptions and new market developments in near real time, and always with the plan that maximizes business performance


Quickly translate input cost and product price fluctuations into highly accurate operational and financial forecasts, driving higher confidence in the management team and on new investments

How is River Logic Different?

River Logic creates a single, end-to-end model of a business or enterprise. With the power of prescriptive analytics and the ability to run unlimited what-ifs, companies are able to
find undiscovered opportunity values and optimize decision making.

Drag & drop interface with no code and no equations

A shared context that facilitatesdecision making

Physical, financial and strategic representation of the business

In-memory computations and power of the cloud

River Logic Demonstration