Building Products

Why settle for being less profitable than your competitors?

From What-If to What’s Best to What’s Doable

With relatively fixed supply, strong competition and increasingly powerful customers, Building Products companies are under intense pressure. As a company leader, you are expected to find opportunities to improve profitability and generate more cash, while still delivering growth. The key is to understand which products, customers and supply conditions are optimal to improving financial outcomes.

Visionary companies are adopting our Planning and Prescriptive Analytics Platform to improve their financial performance by making decisions about their business in a holistic approach that cuts across silos, thus anticipating unforeseen events and finding truly optimal plans. River Logic’s unique ability to represent your business realities brings functions together to allow you to optimize plans globally.

Cox Industries Drove 30% Improvement in Profitability with River Logic


Experience the Benefits of River Logic


Create plans that optimize procurement/log allocation, sourcing, capacity planning and inventory

Bid support

Identify the customer bids that will result in highest marginal contribution considering existing order book, inventory, asset


Emphasize the mix of products, pricing and customers that maximize contribution to financial and strategic business outcomes

Strategic Planning

Optimize the value chain including land management, capital investments in new and existing assets to maximize return on invested capital (ROIC)


Resolve trade-offs, identify new opportunities, respond to unplanned events within hours and always with the decision that maximizes business performance


Improve accuracy of operational and financial forecasts to drive a higher confidence in the plan and new investments

It’s time to modernize your decision-making approach.

Optimization-based Prescriptive drives unmatched value

River logic Prescriptive-based Optimization brings unmatched value