Ensure a Cash-Optimal COVID-19 Restart

Covid-19 has made it impossible to generate reliable forecasts, and no one knows what the "new norm" will be. Sensing and responding fast is the only approach. River Logic's rapid scenario analysis capabilities help you make the best decisions, whatever the future holds. You can be up and running with our pre-packaged planning and decision support solutions within days.



We're here to help, just ask our customers and partners!

“COVID-19 has put a spotlight on what happens when complex global supply chains are disrupted. While COVID-19 will pass, the need to understand how to continually optimize end-to-end supply chains in the face of unexpected disruption is here to stay. River Logic provides the intelligence necessary to build more resilient and agile supply chains.”

Pierre Mawet
Managing Director – Supply Chain & Operations, Accenture

"Our team has enjoyed working with every single member of the River Logic team on our supply chain network optimization and S&OP project. Everyone on the team was approachable, technically strong, collaborative, customer-focused, and responsive. Even through the challenges of COVID-19, the team really delivered on helping us realize and present tangible value and actionable insights to our leadership team."

Terese Hunwick
VP Supply Chain, Boral Resources LLC

Respond Optimally. Build Resilience.

The global disruption of COVID-19 is unmatched by anything we've seen in our lifetime. Even worse, we have no idea what the future will look like. Another wave could hit in the fall, and countries that have reopened could go back into lockdown. All we know is that the future is unknown. With such unpredictability, companies are turning to advanced analytics. That's where we come in. Our packaged prescriptive analytics solutions enable you to simulate present (real-time) and future events in order to build optimized plans that align with crucial performance metrics. Respond to disruption today, and continue to build resilience for the future. 


We Can Help

Capacity Optimization - Production Utilization

Limited labor? Limited production? We're here to help.

Although things are beginning to restart, the impact of COVID-19 on production and labor capacity will continue in an unknown way. We help customers rapidly respond to labor and production shortages by tying labor and production decisions to operational and financial outcomes. You can understand the forward-looking financial impact of trade-offs across sourcing, labor, inventory, logistics, and more, all while continuing to increase the resilience of your value chain.

Product Mix and Customer Profitability

Optimize profit despite disruption

With tightly integrated financial and operational data, you can confidently resolve trade-offs on a forward-looking basis to find the customer/product mix that best aligns with your key objectives, whether it's remaining cash-positive or boosting profits. During the COVID-19 disruption and restart, determine the most profitable customers to serve with extra capacity or understand how to best alleviate constrained capacity while taking into consideration order size, labor costs, frequency, transportation costs, inventory, and more.

Production Planning - Resource Opportunity

Maintain efficiency despite unpredictable disruption.

In order to quickly respond to COVID-19 disruptions, production planning needs to be laser-focused on producing highly efficient yields from existing assets. Quickly re-optimize decisions by balancing cost, throughput, and yield across production lines and plants in order to get the most out of your assets. Simultaneously put plans in place to guarantee resilience to future disruption.

Sales and Operations Planning - Home copy

Unpredictable demand is the new norm. We can help.

COVID-19 has and will continue to disrupt demand and supply in unforeseen ways. Instead of hurriedly responding with gut-feel or basic rules, we help you consider your end-to-end value chain when making fast decisions about serving customers. You can rapidly run scenarios to optimize trade-offs across your end-to-end value chain, including the forward-looking financial (cash-flow, revenue, or profit) and operational impacts of every potential decision. Average and marginal profitabilities of customers/products ensure your company succeeds financially, despite an unknown future.

Procurement and Sourcing - Purchase Opportunity

Ensure supply availability and manage costs.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, supply disruptions have caused companies to incur massive costs, miss out on new market share or revenue-driving opportunities, or lose out to competitors. We help you rapidly analyze trade-offs across supplier order allocation, transfer from other facilities, make versus buy, inventory costs, supplier risk, and more so you can respond to unexpected disruptions. Optimize decisions today while ensuring your sourcing and procurement strategies are built for resilience in the future.

Sales and Operations Planning - Home copy

Optimizing end to end.

COVID-19 has made the supply chain a primary focus for C-levels, and there's an undeniable push to produce better responses during disruption and build resilience for unforeseen future events. We help supply chain leaders optimize end-to-end by using rapid scenario analysis to balance trade-offs around transportation capacity, manufacturing allocation to plants and lines, labor constraints and costs, and inventory.

Supply chain network optimization - network flow

Never fear network disruption again.

The future impact of COVID-19 on shipping and manufacturing are unknown, but we're here to help you optimize your network despite the unknown. We help you tie your network decisions to NPV while simultaneously considering how every scenario will impact customer service, satisfy CAPEX constraints, and impact your P&L. Run scenarios to help you optimize your capacity footprint by reducing dependencies on one or more countries, spreading out components, in-shoring/near-shoring certain components.