Syncing Financial And Non-Financial Data

A recent blog post by Ira Apfel on SAP's Digitalist Magazine discusses how the role of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) roles are headed toward Integrated Planning (also referred to as Integrated Financial Planning or Integrated Business Planning).

River Logic's VP Product Management, Nari Viswanathan, was quoted in the article sharing River Logic's perspective on the importance of linking financial and operational data for more impactful business decisions.


"Old CRM tools often fall short in providing FP&A with the access it needs to the dual streams of data, according to Nari Viswanathan, Vice President of Product Management at vendor River Logic. Ultimately, all financial metrics relate to something that at its core is operational. 'If you are not able to look at those two sets of data simultaneously, you end up making bad decisions. The simple premise behind integrated planning is that every line in the P&L or the balance sheet is tied to real or virtual assets.' Production limits tie into marketing campaigns, which tie into working capital, which tie into what kinds of financing a company needs. 'That’s why it doesn’t make sense to work in a silo.'"

six levels of financial knowledge


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