About Us

We Help Companies Get the Best Plan, Not Just a Better Plan.

Who We Are

Founded in 2000, River Logic is a privately held technology firm with corporate offices in Dallas, Texas. River Logic’s Platform enables organizations and enterprises to make more impactful decisions and optimize overall business performance by understanding how to best utilize resources (both physical and intangible resources). Beginning as a leader in prescriptive analytics (optimization), River Logic is now the most competitive advanced analytics platform. It sits at the forefront of technology innovators with its unique ability to offer planning and optimization applications in addition to a platform on which companies can build custom, unique solutions.

Our Mission

We believe there is a better way to make decisions today. The power of advanced analytics-based decision making should be in the hands of the people driving the business, not someone in IT or someone sitting behind a desk crunching numbers.

Therefore, our mission is to focus on helping customers and business partners increase their performance, decision-making agility and ability to predict business outcomes through accessible, easy-to-digest prescriptive analytics.

In The News

In The News

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our Solutions

Our solutions have been developed and deployed across multiple industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, natural resources, logistics and transportation, government and financial services. In addition to customers adopting our platform, River Logic partners have developed packaged software applications through OEM relationships, and delivered the technology to clients in the form of custom, semi-custom and managed service engagements.

Why We’re Different

Unlike siloed point solutions, our next-generation, cloud-based applications uniquely enable business professionals to collaboratively solve inexplicable or overlooked strategic and tactical business problems by evaluating unlimited what-if scenarios. Business users are empowered to make the most informed, optimal decisions that will drive benefits like additional profit equal to 2-5% of annual revenue, improved service levels and increased shareholder value. River Logic also exposes hidden opportunities while respecting the constraints and variables of a business.

We offer the only solution that allows business users to ask unlimited questions regarding scenarios (similar to the way we ask Google questions), receive optimal and feasible plans and collaborate around / track the performance of those plans. This allows companies to have a cross-functional understanding of how to appropriately manage trade offs and find opportunities for profit improvement. We encourage a collaborative planning process that crosses all functional silos, thus ensuring that plans — no matter the industry or use case — a) are tracked against performance metrics and b) are in line w/ overarching business goals and objectives.

Our Values


Our company is driven to solve tough problems through innovative, groundbreaking software development. Continued innovation is the cornerstone of our existence.


We adhere to a code of absolute honesty. Regardless of the news delivered, every communication starts with incorruptible integrity



Our focus is on delivering value to our clients and partners, and opening advancement opportunities for our leading partners and service professionals. We do not compromise our focus for short-term gain.


We succeed when you succeed; we pride ourselves on our heavy teamwork focus, which enable us to achieve mutually beneficial results with both our clients and partners.