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Accuracy and Predicability

Integrated financial and operational constraint modeling creates a holistic shared context

Optimized Decision Making

Global optimization vs. sequential planning unlocks an additional 1-5% of revenue in bottom-line profit

Agility to Seize Opportunity

Intuitive and collaborative design with what-if from any angle means responding in hours vs. weeks

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What Our Customers are Saying

Boise Cascade

"When we took the strategic capital plan before our board, the numbers behind that were from the optimization model.  Whether I’m modeling a dryer, a process, a plant, or a business, the thing about EO is that it’s scalable and they can all be connected together to model at any depth."


BHP Biliton

"The big value in our project was not getting the answer, but getting the value of the constraints.  The opportunity value of changing one of the constraints like a policy, cost, volume, capacity, etc.  We could finally show people in a meeting what it would cost to move away from the best answer, and implement your new policy."

Cox Industries

"We exited an entire business unit because we realized that it was unprofitable.  We’d been in that business for 25 years.  Those are the kind of induced insights we’ve got from EO.  This is something that should be a core competency to every company.  Your business is too complex to just run on Excel."

Cemento Melon

"The high level of complexity and competitiveness in our industry requires us to continually find more efficient solutions that improve our EBITDA.  The IBP solution enables us to accurately model the business, including the financial and operational complexities and through the application of prescriptive analytics providing us with the superior decision-making ability required in modern management."

Transforming Finance with Prescriptive Analytics

FEI and Grant Thornton highlight how four companies have found the "holy grail of business planning" and are proactively shaping outcomes.