Spotlight on the River Logic Product Advisory Council

Posted by Renat Stewart on Sep 06, 2012

Every year River Logic invites a limited number of partners, who have adopted the Enterprise Optimizer© (EO) platform, to participate in its Product Advisory Council (PAC). These partners have seen first-hand how EO is used by their customers and how EO has enabled best-in-class planning and decision support analytics solutions.

PAC is only one of the tools by which River Logic gets feedback from its customers and partners, in addition to traditional customer support channels. It was added to further facilitate communication between partners, users, and River Logic’s product management team on product issues, new releases, and roadmap priorities.

Primary PAC goals include:

  • Understanding issues and sharing ideas related to Enterprise Optimizer® and Integrated Business Planning platform
  • Expansion of client solutions and consulting engagements
  • Sharing product roadmap updates and gathering feedback on priorities and trade-offs

PAC members are usually chosen for the duration of one year. They typically participate in two to three web conferencing events throughout the year. Partner feedback is kept confidential pursuant to existing NDAs or partner agreements. The River Logic product management team closely monitors partner feedback, but retains full decision authority in implementing any of the proposed changes to the roadmap.

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